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Excavation, Footers, Walls, Gravel, Concrete, Utilities, and Driveways.

Basement Excavation

This is where Sam’s Excavating starts its roots. Since 2001, we have been excavating basements for custom home builders in central Ohio. Each house is to the homeowner’s specifications and requests. If your property has the availability, we offer walkout excavation as a part of your basement excavation.

Land Clearing

In conjunction with driveway and basement excavations we can remove tree stumps, small building demo, and land leveling/benching in preparation for your basement excavation.


Driveways and culverts are an important part of your building process. It allows all trades to access and efficiently work on your new home. We have plastic and concrete culverts available depending on the site conditions and your county/township specifications.


These are plainly, the foundation of your home. By utilizing current GPS surveying technology, we are able to layout your basement to the exact measurements called out on your blue prints. From this, the construction of your forever home starts to take place.


At Sam’s Excavating Unlimited, we specialize in Poured Wall Foundations. After purchasing Premier Poured Walls in 2013, we have continued to grow this portion of our company and compete with many larger wall companies for business. Our wall forms are brick patterned and are very aesthetically pleasing. Upright & horizontal rebar in our walls is also standard; more is added per county/township specifications. Typical walls are 8″ thick but can be poured up to 12″ thick per plan design.

Gravel Back Fill

After waterproofing is completed, by another trade, this step in the process brings your house “back up to ground level”. We back fill against your footers and 12″- 24″ vertically up the wall with gravel and the remaining is dirt from your basement excavation. Once the backfill portion is completed, our dozer operator will give you a “rough grade” to allow other trades access to your foundation for framing.


The concrete basement, garage, and porch is our last major contribution to your forever home. Typically, these three items can be preppred, poured, and finished in a few days. Exterior concrete (sidewalks, patios, garage approaches, and driveways) is also an option once the majority of your home is complete.

Septic System

We are licensed in many of the surrounding counties and cities to install Household Sewage Treatment Systems. These range from basic leach field to more involved mound systems or aerators. Each systems is 100% different and dependent on a few key items: size of house, number of bathrooms, soil test results, county where you will reside, and city/township restrictions. Once you have obtained your county issued permit, we can provide you with a quote.

Utility Trench/Install

In addition to septic systems, we are equipped to trench lines for your electric, water, sewer, and underground downspouts. If your builder requests, we can lay conduit for your local electric company to run power fro their pole to your home.

Retaining Walls

Depending on your lot and the desire for a walkout basement option, you may need retaining walls. These are “stem walls” that are free standing on the far end and connect to your home’s foundation at the other. Retaining walls allow you to safely enjoy the benefits of a walkout. Note that not all walkout basements require retaining walls.